Redefine your security strategy with expert red teaming and purple teaming services.

Harness the power of offensive and defensive tactics to strengthen your cyber defense.

We succeed in

Identifying security vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.

Improving security posture by testing defenses against real-world tactics.

Enhancing security awareness and incident response capabilities.

Validating the effectiveness of security controls and procedures.

Improving overall security ROI by identifying areas for improvement.

Uncovering blind spots in security strategy.

Refining security policies and procedures based on test results.

Providing a continuous feedback loop for security improvement.

Our Security Services

Red Team

Purple Team

Red Team

Offensive Security

Find vulnerabilities before attackers do.

Red teaming is a cybersecurity exercise where our ethical hackers will simulate real-world attacks on your systems. They will act like adversaries, using similar tactics and techniques, to identify vulnerabilities in your defenses.

This helps you understand how well-prepared you are for a cyberattack and exposes weaknesses you might not have found through traditional security testing.

We provide the following penetration tests:

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Web App Pentest

Uncover flaws in your website that could lead to data breaches.

Mobile App Pentest

Secure your apps against unauthorized access.

External Pentest

See how your defenses hold up against real-world cyberattacks.

Internal Pentest

Simulate an insider attack to identify internal weaknesses.

Phishing Campaign

Train employees to spot and avoid email scams.

Purple Team

Appsec Engineering

Build security in, not on.

While red teaming offers a valuable assessment of your security posture, here at Blinkit, we believe in taking it a step further. Imagine combining the offensive expertise of red teaming with the defensive knowledge of your internal security team.  That’s the essence of purple teaming.

Purple teaming goes beyond simply testing your defenses; it’s a proactive approach that, through Threat Modeling, focuses on building security into the Software Development Lifecycle. This helps to identify and address vulnerabilities from scratch, preventing them from reaching production and minimizing the risk of attacks.

Our Purple Teaming Services

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling helps identify weak spots in your system so you can fix them before attackers do.

Threat Modeling Training

Our threat modeling training equips you with the skills to find and prevent security threats in your applications.

CI/CD Security

Our CI/CD security services keep your software development pipeline safe from vulnerabilities, so you can release with confidence.

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